Disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo collects $565,000 of tax-funded legal fee reimbursement

Disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo collected roughly $565,000 worth of tax-funded legal fee reimbursement from the Empire State.

The $564,918 was made out to Cuomo’s campaign, the byproduct of a state law that mandates the coverage of legal costs for state-elected officials who failed to be convicted of a crime, according to a report.

Officials within the state comptroller’s office are responsible for authoring the check.

If he should ever seek office again, the war chest for the former governor now sits at an estimated $7.8 million following this latest injection, the report noted.

Cuomo has appeared to entertain the idea of running for New York City mayor, but the 66-year-old has made no official announcement pertaining to his political future since he resigned as governor in 2021.

The resignation was forced by state Democrats,
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