AOC claims Republicans prefer child labor over immigrants in their communities

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) accused Republicans on Wednesday of preferring to roll back child labor laws rather than allow immigrants to fill job shortages. 

Lawmakers in several states over the past few years have proposed loosening child labor restrictions in order to fill vacant roles, including lowering the age someone can legally serve alcohol in bars and restaurants to as young as 14 and allowing some minors to work in hazardous conditions.

“There are some lawmakers in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa that are recommending the loosening of child labor laws in their state because they have so many jobs left unfulfilled,” the liberal congresswoman said in a House Oversight hearing. “We have seen teenagers dying in states like Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan because so many jobs are going unfilled.” 

“And many of these Republican legislatures would rather roll back
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