Anti-abortion diaper company using Elon Musk quote for Times Square ad campaign

Anti-abortion diaper company EveryLife launched an ad campaign in New York City that makes use of an Elon Musk quote about the importance of having children.

The campaign, which will be broadcast in Times Square for five days, features two billboards, one of which shows a September 2023 social media post of Musk saying, “Having children is saving the world.” The other billboard features a video detailing “population control ideologies,” according to EveryLife.

Having children is saving the world

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 25, 2023

“There’s a profound need for more children in the world, and EveryLife is here to take a bold stance that we disagree with population control ideologies,” EveryLife co-founder and President Sarah Gabel Seifert said in a statement to Fox News. “Our ‘Make More Babies’ campaign isn’t just about promoting our brand — it’s a powerful affirmation of
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