Wisconsin Republicans appear set for a loss as state Supreme Court considers new maps

Newly ordered election maps reoutlining Wisconsin’s political boundaries could cause the advantages of the Wisconsin GOP to shrink ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled three weeks ago that the Republican-submitted maps were unconstitutional due to contiguous problems, which included parts of land that were disconnected. The high court ordered seven new legislative maps be submitted, the Associated Press reported.

“Everybody has understood that you’re allowed to keep a town together, even though its parts are disconnected,” Luke Berg, deputy counsel for the Wisconsin Justice Department, told the Washington Examiner last year ahead of the state’s Supreme Court hearing.  

Consultants hired by the court will review the proposed maps and release a report on Feb. 1, the Associated Press reported. 

The state’s GOP has spent 15 years dominating the state legislature, eventually going head-to-head with Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI) on key policy measures.
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