Vivek Ramaswamy refuses to go after Trump in response to attacks

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy refused to attack former President Donald Trump after being criticized by him on social media.

In an appearance on NewsNation’s The Hill on Monday, Ramaswamy blamed Trump’s attacks on the workings of advisers rather than the former president himself. He also boasted a surge in support just before the Iowa caucuses.

“I think that his campaign advisers, who I think probably are the ones that actually put that out or advised him to put it out, and I think that that was probably not the A-team that was working on that right there, is seeing a late surge for us in Iowa,” Ramaswamy said. “That’s the fact of the matter.” 

In a surprise move, Trump began attacking Ramaswamy, the only major Republican candidate who hasn’t attacked the former president, saying he was not “MAGA” and was
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