Trump’s huge Iowa victory will energize Biden’s biggest backers: Pritzker

Former President Donald Trump sailed to victory in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, but a surrogate for President Joe Biden‘s campaign was also celebrating the result.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) claimed on MSNBC on Monday that Trump winning 51% but also losing nearly half of the Republican base shows his weakness and argued that it shows an opportunity for Democrats because of the fractured nature of the result.

“Think about that. I mean, this is the most famous Republican. He’s the guy who, you know, basically built the modern Republican Party, the MAGA Republican Party that the Democrats are running against, and half the people in that party didn’t vote for Donald Trump. So, I think that is telling,” Pritzker said.

He also added that with that result, Democrats can capitalize on turning out their base if the full
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