Iowa caucuses underway as Republicans cast the first ballots of the 2024 cycle

The Iowa caucuses are underway as GOP voters cast the first ballots of the 2024 cycle, creating a make-or-break moment for several candidates as they push to keep their presidential aspirations alive. 

The caucuses began at 7 p.m. local time (8 p.m. EST) as voters gathered in their local precincts to listen to last-minute speeches by presidential candidates and their surrogates before casting ballots for their preferred nominee. The process marks the first nominating event in the country, a contest that Republican candidates have often relied on to help clear the field and boost their campaign on the national level. 


The stakes are high for each candidate, especially those trying to cut away at former President Donald Trump’s front-runner status in the Hawkeye State. The most recent polls show Trump with a 34-point lead
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