Biden is relying on voters he ‘pissed off’ to save him from a major embarrassment

President Joe Biden is placing the fate of his reelection campaign in the hands of New Hampshire Democrats, a voting bloc he “pissed off” after the national party worked tirelessly to remove the state’s first-in-the-nation primary status.

Though South Carolina is the first Democratic National Committee-sanctioned primary, New Hampshire will continue to hold its Democratic primary on Jan. 23 — but Biden will not be on the ballot, much to the dismay of state Democrats who are angry that the president advocated ending the state’s 100-year reign.

“I love Joe Biden, I think he’s just been a great president,” former state Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan, who is now running a pro-Biden super PAC, said to NBC News. “Having said that, I’m still pissed. But you
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