Report: Denver spending on migrants could equal $500 per household

(The Center Square) – The costs for assisting migrants arriving in Denver could amount to $500 per household in the city, according to a report from the Common Sense Institute.

The think tank’s analysis highlighted the growing concern regarding the city’s financial ability to provide services for arriving migrants.

“If the Denver mayor’s recent spending projections of $180 million hold true, the city will have spent several city departments’ worth of general funding by the end of 2024,” the report stated. “To date, spending has come from a combination of federal, state, and city funds, but it is unclear how the city would be able to spend the projected 2024 amount.” The city’s expenditures don’t fully account for money and resources to serve the migrant population in Colorado. Services provided by nonprofit organizations, hospitals and first responders aren’t included in Denver’s spending. However, the city is
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