Parents of Ohio child who suffered fentanyl overdose on birthday arrested

Authorities in Ohio have arrested parents related to a November fentanyl overdose that saw a Cincinnati boy almost die on his 4th birthday.

Suspects Alexis Scarborough, 34, and Denard Bishop, 39, were taken into custody, and they appeared in court last week regarding the Nov. 25 incident in which their young son suffered a fentanyl overdose, according to a report.

When authorities discovered the boy at Bishop’s residence, he was struggling to breathe due to agonal breathing, a condition in which someone is gasping due to a lack of oxygen.

The child was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and treated for a fentanyl overdose, the report noted.

Scarborough had been visiting the child when the overdose took place, and Bishop was allegedly in the residence at the same time, authorities said.

The former appeared
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