OpenAI releases tools to combat election misinformation in 2024

ChatGPT developer OpenAI released a series of new tools to help users avoid election misinformation, seeking to allay fears about the role that artificial intelligence might play in shaping the 2024 election.

OpenAI published a blog post on Monday detailing several initiatives it would take in 2024 to combat artificial intellligence-generated misinformation globally. The initiatives include the incorporation of “credentials” that will allow voters to identify “deepfakes,” which are images designed to deceive the public and manipulate their vote. They are also partnering with national organizations to provide reliable election information and update their policies so that campaigns cannot use ChatGPT to campaign and bar ChatGPT-powered chatbots from pretending to be real people or government entities.

“Protecting the integrity of elections requires collaboration from every corner of the democratic process, and we want to make sure our technology is not used in a way that could
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