Obama alumni trash Biden’s reelection campaign that doesn’t ‘have its s*** together’

Several individuals involved with former President Barack Obama’s campaigns have come forward with criticism of President Joe Biden’s reelection effort.

Several team Obama veterans met in late 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, where they discussed their successful 2012 reelection effort — and its notable differences from Biden’s 2024 campaign.

A Democratic operative in attendance characterized the feelings of the group. “The vibe was that the campaign didn’t have its s*** together,” the Obama alumnus told Politico.

“There wasn’t infrastructure in the states. There wasn’t a beefed-up campaign headquarters. And compared to where Obama was in 2011, the campaign was fairly anemic,” they added.

In a statement to Politico, Biden spokesman Kevin Munoz said, “We invite everyone concerned about the existential threat that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans pose to our freedom and democracy to
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