Michigan feud fractures state GOP and leaves leadership confusion going into crucial election

Leaders within the Michigan Republican Party are at odds, with one faction calling the state party leader “undisputed,” while the other group voted to oust her a week ago ahead of an important Feb. 27 primary.

On Jan. 6, 40 members of the state committee voted to remove Kristina Karamo as chairwoman for stoking the flames of the state’s broken party, the Daily Beast reported. Karamo, who was elected in February 2023, pushed back on the decision, saying the vote violated party bylaws. 

Her rejection prompted another meeting on Saturday when a majority of the party voted 59-1 to reinstate Karamo and voted to ban her former Co-Chairwoman Malinda Pego for five years after acting as chairwoman, Bridge Michigan reported

“This is a happy day of remembrance because it represents a renewed unification of spirit and purpose within the
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