Joe Manchin reveals the one thing he won’t do amid feud with Biden

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) claimed there is one thing that he will not do in the 2024 elections, even as tensions with President Joe Biden continue to simmer.

Manchin, who has teased a third party presidential run himself, said that he loves the United States too much to ever vote for President Donald Trump, claiming it would be “detrimental” to do so.

“Let me make this very clear. I love my country too much to vote for Donald Trump,” Manchin told CBS anchor Margaret Brennan on Sunday. “I love my country too much, and I think it would be very detrimental to my country. I want to make sure that people have a choice, but also understanding the person with the character.”

Trump and Biden are expected to be the respective nominees, but Trump faces challenges from
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