Biden reiterates he’s running for reelection because of ‘the things that Trump has said’

President Joe Biden stated Monday that he chose to run for reelection, despite his historically low approval ratings, because of “the things that [former President Donald] Trump has said.”

Biden ended 2023 with some of the lowest polling of his three years in office, and he has begun to slide with black, Latino, and young voters heading into the 2024 election. Meanwhile, his support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to bleed support from his 2020 coalition, especially among Arab and Muslim Americans.

The president spent Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, volunteering in Philadelphia, where he recorded an interview that aired at 3 p.m. Eastern time on Dr. Al Sharpton’s radio show.

Biden opened the interview by ticking off the accomplishments he has delivered for the black community, including driving down black unemployment and investing in both rural and urban infrastructure revitalization projects. But when asked to clarify
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