Anna Giaritelli says it is ‘very unusual’ for US soldiers to not notice drowning immigrants

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The Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli stated Sunday that it would be “very unusual” that U.S. soldiers did not notice drowning immigrants who were attempting to cross the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Giaritelli’s statement comes after three immigrants attempting to cross the border drowned on Friday, with some government officials arguing Texas is responsible for their deaths. Giaritell explained that in Eagle Pass, the fire department rescued 43 people last year from drownings, and that U.S. Border Patrol “normally” has boats patrolling the water to help prevent potential drownings.

“I’ve been down to Eagle Pass seven times the last couple years, but what I’ve observed since Biden took office and Abbott deployed National Guard, is there’s constantly soldiers on the riverfront watching to see where people are crossing,” Giaritelli
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