Pritzker dismisses Biden’s decreasing approval rating as ‘outlier’ poll

Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) shrugged off the results of President Joe Biden’s latest approval rating, which is lower than ever.

Pritzker appeared on This Week on Sunday to react to the most recent Ipsos/ABC poll that reported Biden’s approval rating is at 33%. As governor of Illinois, Pritzker took the interview while campaigning for the incumbent president in Iowa.

“Well, I will say I think your poll is a bit of an outlier, but here’s what I’ll tell you. This battle hasn’t even been joined yet,” Pritzker said. “So, I really believe that this hasn’t, you know, seen the day yet where you’ve got a true contrast between a Republican on one side and a Democrat on the other.”

Host Jonathan Karl pushed back on Pritzker, pointing to more data reporting that only 28% of
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