North Carolina town fines owners for cats without a leash

A Raleigh, North Carolina, suburb is done with getting a thousand calls a year about cats roaming its neighborhoods.

The town of Cary is enforcing a 50-year-old ordinance requiring all domestic animals, including cats, to be leashed outside their owner’s property.

Cary Animal Services reminded the Raleigh suburb of the ordinance’s existence in a social media post.

“Hey, Cary! Do you know about… the leash law for cats?” the Facebook post said.

The post continued, “Did you know that there is a leash law for them in the Town of Cary? That’s right, cats must be leashed when not on their owner’s property.”

The town’s animal services explained how cats “running loose” can kill more than a million birds per year and a small animal predator can destroy property and cause unnecessary conflict between neighbors.

The ordinance says the leash law
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