Jo Koy brushes off Golden Globes fallout with dunk on “marshmallow” celebrities

Comedian Jo Koy poked fun at the “soft” celebrities who attended the Golden Globes ceremony he recently hosted.

Koy kicked off his world comedy tour at St. Louis, Missouri’s Stifel Theatre Saturday for his first stand-up performance since the Golden Globes last weekend. He offered his takeaways from the award ceremony, reflecting on the lukewarm reception he received from the celebrities present when he made jokes at their expense.

“Lot a marshmallows, man. They’re delicious, but god****, they’re soft. I just come from a different time. I see the changes that are happening. I get it, but god****, can we f***ing laugh at ourselves?” Koy said of the Golden Globes. “I got a feeling none of you motherf***ers watched it, and I’m kinda happy.”

“Oh my god,” Koy continued. “It feels good to live in
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