Iowa Democrats suffering ‘real damage’ after losing 2024 caucuses

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa Democrats are reeling after losing their special status as the first presidential nominating contest, unable to recreate the jolt of excitement and donations that would have accompanied the 2024 kickoff.

Iowa Democratic leaders are preparing for their first election in the middle of the presidential pecking order after the Democratic National Committee voted to remove the Hawkeye State from its early primary calendar slot last winter. The 2024 Democratic presidential primary will officially begin in South Carolina on Feb. 3. 

After a botched 2020 caucus and criticism that the state’s racial demographics weren’t representative of the party’s base, the party decided the state was no longer a good predictor of national Democratic elections. 

“Many of us are disappointed that, of course, we are not first-in-the-nation here with the Democratic Party,
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