Biden campaign thinks president’s age is an advantage: ‘With that age comes wisdom, comes experience’

President Joe Biden’s campaign defended the president’s age ahead of the 2024 election, arguing that it is an advantage for the president.

The statement from Biden’s campaign comes two months after the president celebrated his 81st birthday in November. Biden will be 82 years old should he be reelected for another term. Concerns regarding Biden’s age have become a discussion point among many ahead of the 2024 election, with some arguing the president ought not to seek reelection.

“The American people know Joe Biden’s age,” Michael Tyler, Biden’s campaign communications director, said. “They also know that with that age comes wisdom, comes experience, comes judgment. That’s why they elected him in the first place. But I would also say that they understand that those qualities stand in stark contrast to everybody else on the other side, particularly with
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