Oregon Republicans aim to revoke ‘catastrophic’ drug law Democrats championed

GOP lawmakers in Oregon are laying out their strategy to dismantle a law that decriminalizes drug use, while House Democrats are eyeing a more modest proposal.

Republicans seek to introduce a bill that would effectively end Measure 110, citing the legislation as a failure, Fox News reported.  

“We see the results on the streets, in the unacceptable overdose death rate and in the catastrophic consequences to our communities, to public safety and to livability,” Republican state Rep. Rick Lewis, a sponsor of the new bill, said. “Change is needed, and we can’t afford to take small steps that fail to adequately address the problem.”

Measure 110, approved by more than half of Oregon voters in 2020, decriminalized possession of small amounts of drugs in an effort to not “punish” those facing addiction. The bill also diverted the state’s marijuana
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