National Archives turns over nearly 4,000 pages of Biden records for impeachment inquiry

EXCLUSIVE — The National Archives and Records Administration sent the House Oversight Committee nearly 4,000 pages of documents the committee requested as a part of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, including emails where Biden used an alias.

In August, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) asked for unrestricted special access to unredacted emails and documents from Biden’s time as vice president. 

On Tuesday, NARA responded by sending the committee 3,902 pages of documents, which included 252 emails and attachments. That’s in addition to the batch NARA sent the committee in December of 1,799 emails and attachments requested by Comer, which totals 62,210 pages.

According to a letter from NARA to the committee obtained by the Washington Examiner, the documents released to the committee this
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