How Mike Johnson listening to Democrats could help him save his job

A group of House Democrats are willing to help House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) keep his post if GOP hardliners attempt to oust him.

A group of House conservatives are pressing Johnson to abandon the $1.66 trillion spending deal with Senate Democrats. On Friday, the speaker said he’s sticking with the deal to avert a partial government shutdown next week. 

If passed, the bill would include an added $69 billion in non-defense spending as part of a deal former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made with President Joe Biden last year. It’s one of several terms Republican hardliners asked Johnson to renegotiate, threatening an effort to oust the speaker if he doesn’t comply.  

Some Democrats are saying they could support Johnson if he reaches out to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) to come up with an agreement to give
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