Biden ‘lost the ability to legitimately listen,’ opening up path for Trump win, 2024 rival says

Democratical presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) called out President Joe Biden on Friday for losing “the ability to legitimately listen” regarding the crisis at the southern border, saying his actions create a path for former President Donald Trump to take back the White House.

The long-shot presidential candidate launched his campaign in October, encouraging Biden to pass the torch to new Democratic leadership. Phillips said he’s stopped by the border twice, calling it “an unmitigated, embarrassing, unforgivable disaster.” 

“The more we ignore it, the more we pave a path for Donald Trump to return to the White House because, you know what? He’s actually listening. And I think it’s time that Democrats do,” Phillips said in a Democratic forum hosted by NewsNation’s Dan Abrams, speaking alongside presidential candidates Marianne Williamson and Cenk Uygur. 

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