Biden fundraises for 2024 campaign with signed ‘big head’ posters

President Joe Biden announced Saturday he will be signing some yard signs for sale on his campaign website.

Biden posted a video of himself signing “big head” posters of himself on X, formerly known as Twitter. The posters cost $25 each and are American-made and union-printed according to the website. They are double-sided, with one side featuring the president’s “dark Brandon” persona with lasers coming out of his eyes and the other in sunglasses that read “vote Joe.”

“I’m autographing some of these, and once I’m done here, these signed versions will be tossed into circulation in our campaign store,” Biden explains in the video. “It means anyone who orders one of these signs has a chance of getting theirs signed, sealed, and delivered.”

This comes after former President Barack Obama agreed to participate in Biden’s fundraiser, which granted the top donor a
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