What did y’all think global prosperity and free trade meant? Vibes? Papers? Essays?

When Hamas massacred some 1,200 soldiers and civilians in Israel, Jew haters here at home took to social media to celebrate the terrorists, branding what became the most deadly day of antisemitic violence since the Holocaust mere “decolonization.”

“What did y’all think decolonization meant?” New York-based writer Najma Sharif wrote in an X post that has since garnered 100,000 likes. “Vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

Now that the United States has tolerated nearly four months of those same terrorist toadies shutting down every road, bridge, and airport entrance they can find in protest of America’s assistance in Israel’s counteroffensive, it would be wise to remind these TikTok-loving, fast-food-eating, fast-fashion-wearing terrorists-in-training that the might of the American military is not just a matter of aiding our allies. But rather: What did they
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