Washington SOS certifies police pursuit initiative to the Legislature

(The Center Square) – The Washington Secretary of State’s Office has formally certified Initiative 2113 regarding police vehicular pursuits to be placed on the November ballot in the event that the Legislature doesn’t enact it.

The initiative seeks to roll back restrictions imposed on law enforcement officers’ ability to vehicularly pursuit suspects since 2021. The Legislature has since made some modifications to state law, but initiative supporters are seeking to restore pre-2021 state law in which officers can pursue if there is reasonable suspicion a suspect has violated the law and poses a threat to the safety of others.

The certification was based on a random sampling of 13,038 signatures, which found 10,579 to be valid and 2,447 to be invalid. The SOS calculated that the maximum number of possible invalid signatures was 84,039, which would still leave enough valid signatures for the initiative to qualify for the
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