Speaker Johnson weighs throwing wrench into government spending fight

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had given hope in recent days that Washington could escape the kind of brinkmanship that has defined past standoffs over government funding.

He announced a deal Sunday with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on top-line spending and even signaled he may reverse course on his vow not to pass another short-term spending bill.

With a Jan. 19 partial government shutdown looming, the compromise was welcome news in the Senate, where leadership wants a funding extension while the two sides hammer out the details of that top-line agreement.

But Johnson’s Thursday acknowledgment that he is discussing whether to backtrack on the deal, just four days after announcing it, has injected uncertainty into what was already a tenuous process.

Notwithstanding a deal, Johnson is expected to push for policy riders Democrats denounce as “poison pills,” a
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