Rocky Mountain try: GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert seeks reelection on the other side of Colorado

It’s a five-hour, 350-mile drive from Rifle, Colorado, where Rep. Lauren Boebert once owned and ran the Second Amendment-themed Shooters Grill restaurant, to the small municipality of Holyoke, in the state’s northeastern corner. Boebert is betting the political distance isn’t so vast. 

Boebert, a high-profile House Republican and one of former President Donald Trump’s staunchest defenders in Congress, is leaving the Pueblo area and Western Slope 3rd Congressional District. She’s moving clear cross-state, running for reelection in the eastern Colorado and Denver exurbs 4th Congressional District, effectively trying to trade a conservative-leaning yet increasingly purplish district straddling Colorado’s entire western state line, with Utah, for a deep-red constituency whose deep-red politics more mirror those of neighboring Kansas and Nebraska.

Boebert, first elected to the House in 2020 after upsetting a 10-year incumbent in the Republican primary, is moving
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