New reality show on polyamory sparks discussion and interest online

Streaming service Peacock’s newest reality television show is putting “throuples”, the phrase for three romantic partners, on the map.

Hosted by Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, Couple to Throuple will debut on Feb. 8. The show’s premise: Four couples have been brought to a tropical island resort to have sexual relations with 14 “open-minded singles,” according to a commercial for the show.

“Will they commit to life as a three, or will this experience reveal that the throuple life isn’t for them?” the ad questions.

The new take on the typical dating show is already getting mixed reviews on social media.

“Kill it with fire!” one user wrote with the image of a flame thrower.

“Peacock throwing everything at the content window to see what sticks,” another user mused.

“When people say they were born in the wrong generation, I can’t relate. I was
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