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Writing in 2018 — at possibly, or perhaps hopefully, the zenith of the reformist social revolution that has remolded American institutions over the past decade — New York Times columnist Ross Douthat posed a wistful counterfactual to the decline of the WASP establishment, speculating about how they might have kept “piety and discipline embedded in the culture of a place like Harvard, rather than the mix of performative self-righteousness and raw ambition that replaced them.”

The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived: Tom Watson Jr. and the Epic Story of How IBM Created the Digital Age ; By Ralph Watson McElvenny and Marc Wortman ; PublicAffairs ; 592 pp., $32.50

Although Harvard is, by default, near the center of any discussion about the ethos of the American elite, his invocation of it now seems prescient considering the recent ouster
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