Fairfax parents announce petition for county school board chairman’s recall

Conservative parents in Fairfax, Virginia, have unleashed a petition to have the chairman of the county school board recalled from his position, citing his support for sexually graphic books inside of schools.

The parents are seeking the recall of Karl Frisch, who was sworn into his position last December on several sexually graphic books, including Genderqueer and Flamer. Stacy Langton, a mother in Fairfax who has advocated against these books in schools, described Frisch’s decision to be sworn in on these books as “a big middle finger” to Fairfax County parents.

“We have laws against pornography in this country in front of minors,” Langton said in a video played during a Thursday school board meeting. “If they can’t legally buy it in town or be shown it, it doesn’t magically become OK on a public school campus.”

The petition for Frisch to resign cites
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