Dean Phillips trashes delusion that ‘Joe Biden is just fine’ 

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) slammed President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign and media outlets for deluding voters “into believing that Joe Biden is just fine” in an interview published on Friday.

According to Phillips, who launched a long-shot Democratic bid for the 2024 nomination against the president last year, his story “is literally being denied to the entire population.”

“And I will tell you from our own research, in every market we’ve been, people don’t know how precarious Joe Biden’s reelection chances are,” he told Politico Magazine.

Biden often finds himself in a dead heat with former President Donald Trump in the polls, winning in a few, losing in several, and tied in a handful. As the campaign has continued into 2024, polls haven’t changed much between the two.

Phillips wants to bring this to
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