Newsom forced to slash Democrats’ favored plans to fill gaping deficit in California

In a budget proposal Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) proposed cuts to various programs, including those to combat climate change, as California faces a significant budget deficit.

California’s government is charged with addressing a $37.9 billion deficit, partially driven by a notable drop in tax revenue from the state’s highest earners.

“This is a story of correction and normalcy, and one that we in some respects anticipated — the acuity perhaps not — and one we’re certainly prepared to work through,” Newsom said, assuring citizens of his ability to handle the budget problem.

In order to address the budgetary problem, Newsom proposed that California dip into its reserves, withdrawing $13.1 billion. He further suggested cutting $8.5 billion on spending across several areas, one of which was his often
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