Move over cables and networks: C-SPAN lands in Iowa and New Hampshire to tell it straight

Straight-shooting C-SPAN is bringing a new era of political coverage to this month’s elections in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In unleashing a broad arsenal of media sites and news-gathering tools, the nonprofit service created by cable outlets in 1979 is promising to cover all the angles and speeches by the candidates with its trademark snark-free, listening-in style.

“We have more ways than ever for the C-SPAN audience to watch our coverage of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary,” the outlet’s Political Editor Nate Hurst told Secrets.

“In addition to being on TV and online, now you can find our video on our free video mobile app. We’re on more social media platforms. And now we even have a drone in Iowa. For the first time, our audience can watch the presidential campaign unfold on the ground — and from above,” he added.

C-SPAN unveiled its new camera drone
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