Judge Jeanine on Christie’s exit: ‘Cut it out, go away, and we’ll be happier’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro lauded the exit of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie from the 2024 presidential election, saying that he needed to “cut it out” and “go away.”

“It wasn’t happening for him. It isn’t happening for him. It was almost an embarrassment,” she said on Fox News’s The Five on Wednesday.

Pirro said that Christie was auditioning for a contributor gig “on another channel.”

She added that Christie’s campaign boiled down to “divisiveness and anger” toward former President Donald Trump.

She pointed out that Christie repeatedly slammed the former Republican president but had little to say about President Joe Biden.

“The person that he hated was Donald Trump. He was in this race to attack Donald Trump,” the former New York judge said.

Pirro said Christie believed he was there to “tell the truth” and no one needed
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