Government investigating if Boeing part that blew off jet was up to design standards

Boeing is under investigation on whether the manufacturing of a door panel in a 737 met approved design standards.

The investigation’s focus is on “plug”-type passenger doors as well as other discrepancies. These “plugs” may have caused a door panel to fall off an Alaska Airlines 737-9 MAX jetliner flight, forcing a ground landing in Oregon last week

The plug from that flight was found near Portland and will be analyzed in a government laboratory during the investigation. 

An investigator examines the frame of a panel of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 on a Boeing 737-9 MAX in Portland. (NTSB via AP)

“This incident should have never happened and it cannot happen again.” The FAA said on Thursday. “The FAA wants to ensure Boeing is following the correct regulations and safety measures. They also advised that Boeing’s manufacturing
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