Biden has ‘fertile ground’ to grow support with voters on two key issues: Poll

A new poll identified two issues President Joe Biden can focus on to improve his messaging to voters: prices and energy.

The Blueprint poll released Thursday provided insights on how Biden can send a clearer and more effective message to voters as the 2024 presidential election nears.

“Biden must make his 2024 campaign a war on high prices — an area where he has the upper hand,” Blueprint’s head pollster Evan Roth Smith said in a press release. “Rather than waiting for media referees to award Biden points, the campaign must put them up on the scoreboard itself where voters can see.”

The poll revealed that a plurality of voters, 44%, think prices are slowly decreasing under Biden’s watch, while 36% think prices are rising.

Voters were asked whether 14 Biden policies would benefit them. Biden scored favorable marks in
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