Trump responds to fake photos of him on Epstein’s plane: AI is ‘very dangerous’

Former President Donald Trump issued a warning about artificial intelligence, saying that it is “very dangerous” for the United States.

Trump made the comment on the AI-generated photos of him on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane that were shared on X, the platform once known as Twitter. The former president also reiterated that he did not visit Epstein’s “‘stupid’ island.”

“This is what the Democrats do to their Republican Opponent, who is leading them, by a lot, in the Polls,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, his alternative social media platform. “This is A.I., and it is very dangerous for our Country! Also, I was never on Epstein’s Plane, or at his ‘stupid’ Island. Strong Laws ought to be developed against A.I. It will be a big and very dangerous problem in the future!”

Among those who shared the AI-generated photos of
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