Nikki Haley attracts disaffected Democrats and spoilers in Iowa looking to affect GOP race


BETTENDORF, Iowa — Nikki Haley is the reason Julie Meyer is ready to change her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican before the Iowa caucuses.

The 64-year-old voter from Bettendorf, a suburb of Davenport, said she’s been a lifelong Democrat, but this election is different.

“Biden is getting too old. I’m not a Trump person, so she’s next in line,” Meyer said after seeing the former U.N. ambassador campaign over the weekend. “I know I’m not alone. I’m hearing about a lot of Democratic voters caucusing for her. That’s a good thing for her.”

In Iowa, only registered Republicans can participate in the GOP caucus and only in their designated home precinct. However, the state’s Republican Party allows voters to change their party affiliation and register as a Republican on the night of the Iowa caucuses. 

Iowa Democrats changed their caucus process this year to comply with
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