Newsom gets tough on crime with calls for laws to curb retail theft as Democrats struggle to unite

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) requested a legislation package to reduce retail theft while Democrats grow divided on the issue as some big cities see an alarming rise in crime

Newsom’s legislative framework would expand police and prosecutor resources to crack down on “professional criminals” committing retail theft, property crimes, and organized auto burglary.

“Building on California’s existing laws and record public safety investments, I’m calling for new legislation to expand criminal penalties for those profiting on retail theft and auto burglaries,” Newsom said in a press statement Tuesday. “These laws will make California safer and bolster police and prosecutor tools to arrest and hold professional criminals accountable.”

The California Democrat is adopting a tough-on-crime approach as three California cities — Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco, are in the top 10 areas most affected by
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