New York City officials manipulated data and response to homelessness, report finds

New York City officials intentionally manipulated public data on homelessness and did not report violations of rules in place to prevent families from going without shelter at night, a new report claimed.  

City officials failed to identify at least six unreported violations and fudged data about the number of families eligible for shelter from 2017 until 2022 under the administrations of Democratic mayors Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams, the 49-page report revealed. 

This file photo provided by Jennifer Foster from Nov. 14, 2012, shows New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo presenting a barefoot homeless man in New York’s Times Square with boots. (AP Photo/Jennifer Foster, File)

Specifically, the Adams administration failed to provide beds for at least 11 homeless families in the summer of 2022 — a move that violated a city
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