Kimmel remarks on ‘tumultuous’ week as Aaron Rodgers gains support

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel briefly discussed the “tumultuous” week he has had with New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers following a non-apology the football player gave Tuesday.

The latest chapter in the feud between Rodgers and Kimmel started on Jan. 3 when Rodgers joked that Kimmel was nervous about the release of Jeffrey Epstein’s list, prompting Kimmel to threaten legal action against Rodgers. Since then, Kimmel joked about the situation for a notable duration of his show on Monday night, briefly touching on the subject again during Tuesday’s episode.

“Things have settled down,” Kimmel said on Tuesday. “We had a tumultuous week butting heads with delusional people. I was actually watching people actually play football last night.”

Kimmel’s most recent remark about the feud between him and Rodgers comes after former NFL reporter
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