John Barrasso becomes highest-ranking senator to endorse Trump

Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) endorsed former President Donald Trump late Tuesday, making him the highest-ranking Senate Republican to get behind the former president’s bid to return to Washington. 

Barrasso’s Tuesday evening announcement, which came during a Fox News appearance, makes him the 20th GOP senator to endorse Trump in the Republican primary. As the No. 3 Senate Republican in his capacity as conference chairman, Barrasso is the most senior endorsement Trump has secured in the upper chamber.

“When President Trump was in office, we had the best economy in my lifetime and most of our lifetimes, we had energy independence, our enemies feared us, and we had a secure border,” Barrasso told host Sean Hannity. “Under Joe Biden, we have high prices, we have a wide open border.”

Barrasso said in a subsequent statement that “President Trump and a
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