Hunter Biden makes surprise appearance at contempt vote hearing

Hunter Biden made an unannounced appearance on Capitol Hill on Wednesday and briefly visited the House Oversight Committee, where lawmakers were conducting a hearing on the vote to hold him in contempt of Congress.

Hunter Biden’s appearance came as a surprise to Republicans. The president’s son took no questions as he entered the room, but upon leaving roughly 30 minutes after he arrived, he remarked to reporters about the controversial phone calls he had with his business partners while his father, President Joe Biden, was on the phone.

“If he called you, would you answer the phone?” Hunter Biden said.

HUNTER BIDEN on why he put his dad on speaker phone with business associates:

“If he called you would you answer the phone?”

— Reese Gorman (@reesejgorman) January 10, 2024

His appearance during the committee hearing stirred up strong reactions from
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