Cutting a deal with Democrats on spending like ‘negotiating with the arsonist’: GOP senator

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) likened working with Democrats on border security to “negotiating with the arsonist” on how to put out a fire they started.

Senate negotiations regarding border security have been at a near standstill, but leaders on both sides of the aisle are optimistic a deal can get done. Johnson placed the blame on Democrats and President Joe Biden’s administration for stalled talks while speaking on Newsnation’s the Hill on Tuesday.

“I don’t like government shutdowns, but I will say the main problem we have in negotiations is, in effect, we’re negotiating with the arsonist and trying to negotiate how to put out the fire he started,” Johnson said.

“It’s a big problem; I mean, we have an administration — we have a president of the United States who wants an open border, that caused this problem.
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