West Virginia Republicans want to crack down on crime by allowing death penalty for people who kill police

Republicans in West Virginia are seeking to bring back the death penalty in the state as part of an effort to crack down on crime against law enforcement and punish fentanyl traffickers.

Republican state Sen. Mike Stuart announced he will introduce a bill in the state’s regular legislative session to reinstate capital punishment for cases involving the deaths of first responders or law enforcement. West Virginia is one of 23 states that has abolished the death penalty.

“If you target first responders in the line of duty leading to death, the death penalty should be on the table,” Stuart said in a statement, per the Parkersburg News and Sentinel. “This isn’t about vengeance. This is about justice.”

“Every day and every call is fraught with potentially life-threatening danger. We must defend our first responders and make clear that we will
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