RFK Jr. abandons birthday bash fundraiser when celebrities change their mind about attending

Independent presidential contender Robert Kennedy Jr. withdrew from his 70th birthday gala on Monday after several prominent celebrities said they would not be attending.

The gala, which is hosted by two political action committees that support Kennedy’s campaign, advertised that The West Wing actor Martin Sheen, singers Dionne Warwick and Andrea Bocelli, and former boxer Mike Tyson would be attending. However, all four have said they will not attend.

Kennedy press secretary Stefanie Spear told CBS the candidate will not attend his birthday celebration on Jan. 22. The gala is expected to take place in Indian Wells, California. Kennedy’s actual birthday is Jan. 17. 

One of the host organizations, American Values 2024, first reported the news of the gala last month, when sharing a Daily Mail article that included the four celebrities as guests. However, Warwick quickly rejected the
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