Ray Epps gets no jail time, sentenced to one year probation

A man widely accused by former President Donald Trump’s supporters of covertly working on behalf of the FBI during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was sentenced Tuesday to a year of probation for his actions that day.

Ray Epps, 62, pleaded guilty last fall to one misdemeanor for disorderly conduct in a restricted area.

The Department of Justice had asked that Epps get six months in prison, a relatively harsh sentence for that charge, while Epps argued that probation and restitution were appropriate penalties. He received restitution of $500.

Epps became the face of a prolific unproven allegation that federal government agents were secretly working among the crowd of rioters on Jan. 6 to entrap Trump supporters. Epps, his attorney, and the DOJ have adamantly denied that he ever worked for the government aside from a four-year stint
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